Beautiful Sistas

Tessanne Chin
Queen Ifrica
tami chynn

Jamaican songstresses Tami Chynn, Queen Ifrica, Tessanne Chin and Alaine have colloborated on the Arif Cooper produced track entitled “Beautiful Sista’s”.

Reggae Music: Facts About the Genre

by Michael John Araju

Reggae music is a kind of music genre that was first developed in the late 1960’s in Jamaica.

The term “reggae” indicates a particular music style that originated following the development of ska and rocksteady (both originating from Jamaica). In a broader sense, reggae music refer to most types of the music in Jamaica. Reggae music is based on skank, a rhythmic style portrayed by regular beats on the off-beat.

As its historical background, the origins of the reggae music traces back to African and Caribbean music, Jamaican ska and rocksteady, and American rhythm and blues. There are theories for the roots of the word “reggae”, including its derivation from the Jamaican-English words “rege-rege” (which means “quarrel”), “streggae” (which means “prostitute”) and “Regga” (a Bantu-speaking tribe living in Lake Tanganyika).

In 1963, Studio One’s Coxsone Dodd asked the pianist of The Skatalites, Jackie Mittoo, to run recording sessions and compose an original music. With the help of drummer Lloyd Knibbs, Mittoo turned the traditional ska beat into reggae music by slowing down the tempo. Bob Marley, a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician, played an important role in popularizing reggae throughout the
world. He recorded ska, rocksteady and nyabinghi-drumming records early in his music career. Reggae was being played in the radio in the U.K. on John Peel’s radio show in the late 1960’s (Peel himself continued to play much reggae in the course of his career). Reggae has been recognized much in the U.K., especially in the 70’s and the 80’s.

Reggae is always played in 4/4 swing or time with respect to its symmetrical rhythm pattern. Reggae music song lyrics deal with many themes and subjects, which include love, injustice, poverty, faith and other broad social issues as well.