Sajoya, reggae lawyer/female activist passes


Sandra Joy Alcott, known artistically as Sajoya (Empress Erotica), was a veteran lawyer, she is also the founder of the Jamaican Association for Female Artists (JAFA), an advocacy group for the underrepresented women entertainers who constantly battle a male-dominated and misogynistic Jamaican music industry and The founder of the poetry group called The PUM  PUM Posse (The Power Uniting Men).

She described herself as the Pum Pum Poet, aka Empress Erotica, herbal woman, sexual awareness advocate, reiki healer, entertainment specialist and lawyer. “Pum Pum poetry is the evolution of my life’s work, and my daughter’s as well”. She was also dedicated to protecting her Rastafari faith and culture.

She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at the UWI Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.