BIRTH DATE: February 21, 1964
BIRTH PLACE: Kingston, Jamaica

She is best known for her 1985 hit “Girlie Girlie”, which reached number one in Jamaica, and was also a Top 10 hit in the UK. Her other Jamaican hits include “Lazy Body,” “It Burn Mi Belly,” and the duet “Ain’t No Meaning”; all four songs appeared on her ten song 1986 album, Fresh.

“Girlie Girlie” was written by Sangie Davis. In the UK, George remains a one-hit wonder based on that song. A compilation album, Girlie Girlie: The Best of Sophia George, has been released on Trojan Records.


  • For Everyone (1991) Pow Wow
  • Steppin’ Out (1994) Pow Wow
  • Girlie Again (1995) Red Arrow
  • Sexy Dumb Dumb (1995) Pow Wow
  • Girlie Girlie (2001) Wesgram