REGGAEWOMAN.COM was first conceptualized by a fellow Reggae industry performer and singer.

The website was developed to showcase women within the Reggae genre from across the globe, creating an organized database that allows anyone to find their favorite performers, managers, agents, educational material and anything that concerns the Reggae industry and particularly the Reggae Woman.

The site is a first of it’s kind; the world’s premier site highlighting women from around the world is contributing to the growth and development of Reggae and the Reggae Woman ‘where even the newest stars are honored’.

As REGGAEWOMAN.COM continues to grow, we are not limited to only a website and it’s functions but we are spreading our wings and have begun to produce other mechanisms that will allow the world to see the women of the industry for what they are; woman – without limits.

Featuring Performing Artists, Musicians, Managers, Agents, Business Tips, Articles, Gossip, Helpful resources and important links and contacts, we are opening the world to the REGGAE WOMAN. We are set to develop a power house of music and media and much honoring and promoting the strides of the Reggae Woman Worldwide.